2018 is NOT your year until…

Will 2018 truly be YOUR year?! 

Did you say that about 2017?

I always said that “This IS GOING TO BE MY YEAR” since 2012… but it took me about 5 years to actually make it happen (2017 was MY YEAR btw).

Here are the TOP 3 things I did differently in 2017:

  1. I continued to use a Mentor and belonged in Mentorship programs.
  2. I no longer work in Isolation – was in a paid “co-working” group with people I could ask for advice, help and hold me accountable.
  3. I dropped services / clients which were no longer aligned with my goals.

Here are the different RESULTS that I got, which made 2017 MY YEAR:

  1. I actually LOVE what I DO!
  2. Knowing how to overcome the FEARS each and every single time it creeps in.
  3. Have built Amazing relationships with other Entrepreneurs.
  4. More Clients = MORE MONEY and it’s still comin…

I’m sorry to sound harsh, but until you’re willing to let go of FEAR, EXCUSES and ISOLATION, 2018 will just be any other year for you…Good news is, there is a solution to every problem driven by FEAR and EXCUSES.

I want to help you make 2018 your BEST YEAR in business!
With just 24 hours left to enroll, Make Your Bold Move Program comes with:

  • 90 Days of Accountability and Support
  • Bi-weekly Group Accountability Calls to check in on our progress
  • Private Facebook Group with individual support thread
  • Student resource portal
  • Guest Speakers to train the group with Money Mindset and Marketing your Business

Coaching and Accountability are usually priced at thousands of dollars. I made this super affordable because I want to prove how Accountability and Support can truly move mountains in your business. So I have removed an “excuse” factor (financial)…

Usually offered at $297, secure your SUCCESS for only $67! That’s 3 months of Accountability and Support for less than $23/month!!!

So I really do want to help make 2018 YOUR YEAR! As an added bonus, sign up today and you will receive a workbook to help you strategize your best year ever!

I’m Ready To Make 2018 My Year (FOR REAL THIS TIME)

Let’s do this!

Yours truly,

Rigel Jones
Momentum Builder | Online Business Consultant

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