Can you believe there’s just 1 WEEK LEFT till February???

​​​​​​​According to Business Insider, about 80% of resolutions fail by February? I’m not telling you this to be pessimistic, but I do want you to be aware.  

Be aware that some odds are against us, and this awareness can help us take action and plan to beat these odds!

So how can you place yourself on the positive end of this statistic? Here are 3 simple tips you can apply starting today:

Tip #1

Know the difference between Resolutions vs Goals. Yes, google it, and decide what you’re after!  Really silly simple, but foundational. Depending on what it is you’re after, the methods of staying on track could vary. However, you can still use the rest of the tips to stay on track!

Tip #2

Break up your goals into milestones, and include achievable tasks in your calendar on a weekly basis!  

2019 Goal is to have a strong operational system in place for your business.

By Feb 28 – have invoicing system in place and operational.

You should have calendar entries supporting this deadline, for example:
Jan 28, 10am-11am  — research 2-3 invoicing systems, sign up for trial, list down my questions, possibly schedule a call with customer rep.
Jan 30, 10am – 11am – import/export customers to new invoicing system, set up invoice template.

Break it up into bite-sized, achievable tasks. Carve out time in your calendar, treat it like an appointment so you can remove distractions while you’re completing this task.

Tip #3

Find a support system.  Whether that’s an Accountability partner, mastermind, mentor or coach.  Check in regularly so that momentum you’ve created doesn’t fall off track. The meetings should be short and effective.  I personally use some core concepts of the Agile methodology! If you don’t know what that is, our friend Google can explain, or just shoot me a message!

And there you have it!  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.. now let’s get to work!

I know there are lots of foundational and “proper” ways to set goals.  ​​​​​​​These tips are for those who are falling out of track from their goals/resolutions, and if you just implement 1 – 2 of these tips, you can get right back on track and beat the odds!

Oh, and I’ve extended the Early Bird pricing for the Make Your Bold Move™ Program until February 1st. The Program starts on February 11th, so really…

I’d love to hear which TIP you’ll implement right away in the comments!


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