Thank you for being an Action-Taker and showing your interest in our Facebook Guest Speaker Series!  


Our community was created for Action-Taker Entrepreneurs to provide them the space to connect, learn, and get tips, resources and support to help make their journey a little more inspiring and fulfilling.

The goal of our Facebook Guest Speaker Series is to empower other Entrepreneurs to shine, while providing valuable content to the members of the Action-Taker community.  Your video will be in the content resource library in the Facebook Group, to help others in the future.



The goal is to feature members of the Action-Taker Entrepreneurs community to host a 30 – 45 minute workshop, training or presentation, covering topics of their choice, but must be directly related to inspiring others to take action in their business.

Your topic can cover anything related to Tools & Resources for Marketing, Mindset, Sales, Visibility, Productivity and Self Care.


Preferably Tuesday or Thursday, between 10AM EST – 8PM EST (but can be flexible).

Benefits to you

– Featured and positioned the in Action-Taker Facebook group as an expert
– ‎Social media blast of the event (Email list, Twitter, Facebook page, website, Instagram and other Facebook pages I manage)
– ‎Opportunity to get more clients, more sales, or build your list

You may / it is suggested that you

– Do a 30-40 minute Facebook Live on topics of marketing, sales, finances, mindset, or pretty much anything related to taking specific action when it comes to business
– Offer a product or service for free related to the topic
– Offer a low cost or promotion on products or services (with affiliate opportunities if over $100)
– Give your contact information in the description of your Facebook Live


Next Steps

Please fill out the form below with some information about you and your topic.  Once submitted, the form will take you to a calendar to schedule your time.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:  Thank you!