Thank you for showing your interest in becoming a possible Subcontractor or Referral Partner

What’s the Difference?

Subcontractor:  You will essentially be a part of our team, and will be assigned client projects for our done-for-you or done-with-you services. 

Referral Partner: If our clients chooses to DIY their systems, we will still give them a list of referral partners they can contact, should they choose to hire help. We will establish a finder’s fee agreement, should the client chooses to work with you.

Application Process:

Right now, we are building a small library of trusted subcontractors and referral partner, so we are ready for when things ramp up for our clients.  It is not guaranteed that there will be immediate work upon acceptance of your application.

1. Fill out the form below as completely as possible.

2. You will receive an email when your application has been received (please check your spam folder, and save / as a contact).

3. We will contact you for a small group interview via zoom.

4. Upon selection, you will be offered a Subcontracting Role, or a Referral Partner Agreement.

5. Thank you!  We will obviously not be able to grow our business, without you taking time to go through this application process, and for this we are TRULY GRATEFUL!