It’s been a month since strict social distancing measures were put in place here in Ontario, Canada. Non essential businesses, daycares and schools have been closed. With more people working from home trying to navigate this “new normal”.  However long this “temporary” normal is, we are all navigating through the same challenges of staying safe and healthy (mental, physical and financial).

Although many online business consultants, coaches and entrepreneurs already work from home, we are not used to having the restriction that we can only work from home.  So regardless of the situation, we are all navigating through some tough changes. We just need to remember to be gentle with ourselves, and set realistic expectations.

I’ve put these three tips for working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Since this is a unique time, these might be unique tips =D.

Tip #1 – Stop Looking at the News.


If there is an emergency or a major update in your city or country, you will most likely receive an alert on your phone.  

There’s nothing wrong with staying informed, you just can’t let yourself be absorbed in all the information you come across. You don’t need to look, click and reflect at every headline that is presented to you at any given time.  Announcements from the Government have been coming through at the same time everyday.

We already know facts, and the news just revolves around these facts…

  • We know for a fact that the coronavirus has caused this global pandemic, and no country was prepared.
  • We know for a fact that it has taken many lives and have caused a lot of people to fight for theirs.  
  • We know for a fact that it might take about 12-18 months (or more) to get a viable vaccine. 
  • We know for a fact that the numbers are still rising and will continue to rise. 
  • We already know that strict or stricter measures may be put in place depending on our location and situation… And,
  • We already know that people have the right to protest anything that goes against their beliefs. 

You see, a lot of the media headlines, whether they are true or not, are meant to get your attention. People forward news to us because they are looking for our reaction… And as I’m sure you are already aware, this causes more fear and anxiety for us and those around us.

So carve out time to stay updated. Use credible news sources.  Again, prioritize news that is relevant to your location and situation.  Most importantly use common sense.

Tip #2 – Set a schedule.


I was never a routine type of person.  But from all the personal development books and coaching I’ve consumed, having a routine or setting a schedule works best, especially if you want improvement and progress to happen in your life and business.

Now, in this special case, I understand that we have our children at home, needing guidance with online learning, or they just need their parents.  And instead of looking at it as an obstacle, let’s embrace and consider it a blessing. 

“When can I get my work done with kids at home?” you ask?

Time blocking method is the best answer here! If you haven’t heard of time blocking, it’s a time management method where you divide your day into blocks of time. You can dedicate each block to a specific group of tasks, so you won’t have to constantly shift your focus.

Let everyone know your new “working hours”, so clients or team members are aware not to expect anything from you outside of those hours.

We need to set a schedule that not only works for your business, but primarily, one that works for your family. Think about it. Pandemic or not, you wouldn’t be prioritizing your business over your family, would you? I hope not!

This might mean getting up early in the morning before everyone else, so you can have that uninterrupted time for work.  If you’re not a morning person, then you might work later in the evenings.

Here’s an example of a Time Block schedule for a morning person with small kids on Google Calendar.

Tip #3 – Observe and Overcome.


My last tip is super important and that is to Observe and Overcome. When I say observe, I mean observe yourself.

Observe your thoughts and feelings. With everything that is going on, things can feel heavy and can weigh down your emotions and energy.  And that’s completely normal. Hence, I say observe.

Be gentle and kind with yourself. Know that it is okay to allow yourself to feel these emotions.  Because it is absolutely necessary to allow these emotions to pass, to be acknowledged, and addressed to get to the next stage.. And that is to overcome.

How do you overcome this pandemic?  

Well first, you can start with things that you can control.

Can you be in control of your thoughts? You certainly can!

You’ve probably heard the phrase, Gratitude changes your Attitude. And I couldn’t agree more!

In fact, The Mindful Awareness Research Center of UCLA stated that gratitude does change the neural structures in the brain.  Feeling grateful triggers hormones and regulates effective functioning of the immune system (

I invite you to write 3-5 things to be grateful for today.  And I want you to take it a step further. At the end of each day, I want you to write on a sticky note, something that you were grateful for that day.  Place it on your bedside table or somewhere close, so it’s the first thing you see when you wake up. Let those notes of gratitude collect, and read them aloud each day.  You’ll notice a shift in your energy. And maybe even the ability to overcome negative thoughts and emotions quicker.

This pandemic can either break us or make us. But I hope you find plenty of reasons to choose the latter.

I hope you found these tips useful, and if you feel like someone can benefit from this article, please feel free to share.

And as always, I am grateful for you, thank you for reading, I created this for you, as a loving reminder to all of you that you are the driver of your life. If you feel that you’ve been on the passenger seat, it’s time to make a switch and take over the driver seat. The only thing stopping you from making your bold move is you. Stake your claim and I know that you are bold enough to speak something to existence!

Until next time!
Rigel Jones

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