HOT MESS Business Systems?

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Set Up Shop

You’re Rocking in Business ideas and offerings, now you need to make sure you have solid Business Systems for an enjoyable experience for YOU and your CLIENTS!  Set Up Shop Package consists of Consultation or Done-For-You services (Or Both!).



In most cases, this package will consist of 3 Phases to maximize efficiencies in your systems.

Phase 1:  Goal Setting
Through our initial consultation, we will discuss what your Business Goals are and the time frame of implementation.
Phase 2:  Assessment
During our assessment call, we will go over your current Business systems, structure and process.
Phase 3:  Blueprint
We will create an implementation plan for your Brand New, SIMPLE and SEXY Systems, based on your goals AND time frame.

 Afraid of Tech? No problem. I’m here to make sure we make your business systems as SIMPLE and SEXY as possible!  So if implementing the blueprint isn’t your jam, then our partner VAs and Tech Team will do it for you!

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